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HTML Parser Light

Parse HTML content to a document tree, change it regenerate it. Wtih this component you can do what the browsers do - understand the page. Can be used for development of HTML template systems, indexing of HTML content and many other tasks.

Highlights of the day
Active Label ActiveX
Barcode ActiveX? Much more - the design and printing inside your WEB application
SQLite3 COM ActiveX embeds the SQLite3 database engine and interface to it. Supports paremeterized views and triggers.
Active Local Pages 1.2
Write desktop apps in ASP and CGI. Create wutorun CDs using WEB technologies - yes it is possible!
ActiveX Pack1 family
Desktop Windows, CE/CE.NET and PocketPC! About 50 powerful components for all the Windows platforms.
AXGate 1.1 (new)
Script dafely any ActiveX in Pocket IE. Build applications in HTML and use local resources and components in them.
IE ScriptBar
Create complex toolbars for Microsoft Internet Explorer easier than you may have expected.

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newObjects Active Label series

An ActiveX control that implements design, view and printing capabitlities in one. It acts like a simple report generator and as a browser and editor at the ssame time. Supports barcodes, images and other graphical elements which you can put on the labels.

With Active Label the WEB and the Windows developers can integrate all the labeling tasks into their applications. This is especially useful for the WEB applications where by integrating the Active Label ActiveX the developer allows the users to design, view print labels without leaving the application (in-place). It supports both direct database connectivity and internal cache that can be filled from the server-side the same manner the WEB pages are filled with data.

Another important thing about Active Label is that it looks very much like the browser itself. For example the DHTML developers can change the images on the label by changing their Src property, can change the entire label by changing its Src and so on. Furthermore the ActiveX supports even upload/post. In other words when you implement online label editing the user can refer local resources and then they can be uploaded to the server from where they will be referred in the future. This gives an extremely easy way to manage label design repository as integral part of the application without diviation from the main job. In fact with Active Label the border between the local and remote resources does not exist and of course there are appropriate security features to prevent security breaches.

All the features packed in one remove the need of cumbersome solutions and walk around techniques. With very little effort the developer can put a complete label design and printing solution in a WEB page and integrate it with the entire application without need to direct the users to external applications for any related tasks.
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Active Local Pages 1.2

Active Local Pages 1.2

Download it now!

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Version 1.2 has been published on 18 May 2005. On the same date we opened a new site dedicated to the Active Local Pages explicitly:

ALP 1.2 moves to another level. It gives the ASP programmers more power:

- Embedded SQL database independent of ADO, single database file for all the db objects, database file format is the same on PC and PDA and much more!

- Networking components in the ALP Run-Time library

- Improved support for Composite objects (objects written in script but acting like regular objects even in autorun scenarios)

- Enhanced protection mechasims in ALP engine and the ALPFrame browser. With virtually no effort you can implement protection against any attack against your application.

- Many small and big improvements in various areas.
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IE ScriptBar - create powerful toolbars for Internet Explorer

With newObjects IE ScriptBar you can build very powerful toolbands for Microsoft Interenet Explorer in scripting lanugages (such as VBscript and JScript) and HTML.

If you prefer VB or C++ you can still use one of them instead of a scripting language, but you would need only to implement very simple component entirely dedicated to perform the tasks required by the application and virtually nothing else! No additional interfaces to implement - just one simple component.

Combining ALP and IE SCriptBar together gives even more opportunities - the browser may become not just a browser but also a home for an advanced application designed to be always at hand while the user navigates through the WEB.

The IE ScriptBar is prepared to deal with the advanced security features introduced with Windows XP SP2.

IE ScriptBar supports dynamic menu system that allows you create whatever menu structures you need and handle them with ease.
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How to buy our products

Our commercial products are available through RegNet and RegSoft online buying services.Click here to buy now !

Most of our products can be bought also from our partners in Netherlands -

Also direct wire transfers are accepted - especially for contracted projects or sales under specific licensing conditions.

Send us e-mail:
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Active Label ActiveX
Barcoding and label design and printing embedded into the WEB applications.
Active Label Browser
Light weight application for Label design with support for most 1-d barcodes and pictures. Links to databases, works with local and online resources, acts like a browser.
WEB programming
Active Local Pages
The same code on a WEB server or running as normal Windows application. ALP removes the borders between WEB and desktop programming, it even allows you build autoruns, start your program from a flash drive. ALP now has its own WEB site dedicated to it.
All-in-one ActiveX
ActiveX Pack1
Ever wanted an ActiveX package that covers almost everything and everywhere (PC, Pocket PC, Smartphone)? AXPack1 is close to that - work with files/streams, scripting, string formatting, write components in script, dictionary collections, data persistence and exchange and much more.
Part of AXPack1 that treats the TCP/IP and IRDA netwroking just like files - you can do with them almost everything you can do with files.
Part of AXPack1. Full SQL database engine in a single object. ActiveX port of the popular SQLite datqabase.
IE Toolbars
IE ScriptBar
Create custom toolbars for IE, and make them do something really useful. You can do it in script, VB or C but as easy as creating a dynamic WEB page.
For Pocket IE
Work safely with unsafe ActiveX in Pocket Internet Explorer.
IIS Plug-ins
ISAPI Authenticator
Implement custom authentication for your WEB sites. ISAPI filter for all IIS and PWS versions.
ISAPI Variable parser
Make the parameters passed to your pages look like plain URL.
ISAPI Redirector
Spread the trafffic to your site to more than one server or simply implement smarter redirection.
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