HashCryptStreams Implemented algorithms list
The algorithms, functions and other features included in the HashCryptStreams library by version.

Version 1.0.0

Name Type and availability Objects implementing it Notes
MD5 Hash/HMAC function - freeware. HashObject, SFStreamDigest 128 bit hash length
considered old and non-appropriate for applications with high security requirements. Its popularity makes it good choice for usage as a checksum, some software licensing schemes, password hashing for the WEB.
SHA1 Hash/HMAC function - freeware. HashObject, SFStreamDigest 160 bit hash length,
While the new applications should prefer longer SHA this one is in usage in a huge number of existing applications. Primary usage as checksum. The good security level and the relatively short hash length make it perfect choice for data consistency applications.
SHA256 Hash/HMAC function - freeware. HashObject, SFStreamDigest 256 bit hash length,
The balance between the hash length and the security offered by the function makes it the preferred choice today.
DES and 3DES Symmetric encryption algorithm - freeware. Symmetric,
Supports 64, 128, 192 bit key lengths,
Works with 8 byte blocks.
The actual security is less then the number of bits, for example for 64 bit key it is actually 56 bits.
DES and 3DES are exposed as a single algorithm by the library and the key length determines what processing is to be done - 64 bit keys use DES while the others 3DES processing. If the security is important for the application you should use at least 128 bit keys with DES. Good choice mostly for backward compatibility and for applications with moderate security requirements which put more emphasis on the speed of the processing.
AES Symmetric encryption algorithm - freeware. Symmetric,
Supports 128, 192, 256 bit keys
Works with 16 byte blocks.
Widely used today - one of the preferred algorithms these days. 
RSA Asymmetric (public key) encryption algorithm - freeware. RSACrypt The most popular asymmetric algorithm today. It offers a good security unless incorrectly applied. Can serve purposes other than encryption - such as signature verification, software and content licensing and so on.
Big numbers arithmetic Operations with very long positive integers - freeware. Number Having this RSA implementation, for example,  is a matter of a few lines. While RSA is implemented as ready-to-use object you can also implement it yourself in a couple of lines using the big numbers. The object can be used for implementation of other similar algorithms and other purposes where operations with numbers with unlimited length may be required.



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