Storages & Files IconPath
IconPath read/write property

Sets/gets the path to a custom icon source. If not used (empty) the icon is extracted from the target or from the application responsible for it (if the target is document or URL).


object.IconPath = path
variable =object.IconPath 


When creating shortcuts to applications with some additional command line parameters (see Arguments) you may want to designate custom icon to the shortcut. In such a case you can use your custom .ico files or resource DLLs as icon source. For example many ALP applications use the same viewer - ALPFrame. They will want to present their shortcuts to the user with icons different from the ALPFrame internal icon - so the developer can create an .ico file and configure the shortcut to show the icon in that file.

Applies to: SFShellLink object

Supported on:

Windows 95/NT and later


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