Utility components Root
Sets/gets VARIANT to be used as a "root" value. This is the value returned by the Item default property when used without key/index parameter.


object.Root = variable
variable = object.Root

IDL definition:

[propget, id(6), helpstring("gets Root item")] HRESULT Root([out, retval] VARIANT *pVal);
[propput, id(6), helpstring("sets Root item")] HRESULT Root([in] VARIANT vVal);


object - Previously created VarDictionary object

variable - variable that will receive (or will be assigned) the root value.


var vardict = Server.CreateObject("newobjects.utilctls.VarDictionary");
vardict.Root = "root";

Dim vardict
Set vardict = Server.CreateObject("newobjects.utilctls.VarDictionary")
vardict.Root = "root"


If not specified VT_NULL is used.

Also the collection behavior depends on the firstItemAsRoot property. If it is set to true the first item from the colelction will be returned instead off the value set using the Root property. If the collection is empty then the value of the Root property will be returned in both cases. 

Applies to: VarDictionary

See also: Item property, firstItemAsRoot


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