Composite objects VaryDispCtx object
The composite object contains several objects and exposes some of their members as like they are members of one single object. So these objects may need to cooperate between each other. To allow them do so the VaryDispCtx object is passed to each one of them.

If certain object in the composite is a script the context is accessible to it through a namespace (see the VaryDisp.ContextName)

If the object in the composite is a typical COM object the context object is passed through call to a method named as the VaryDisp.ContextName specifies.


Count count of the objects in the composite
DetachContext * Detaches the context from the composite
Id Returns the Id of the specified object
Item Returns the indexed object (by name or Id)
CreateObject Creates COM objects (equivalent to Pack1Creator.CreteObject).
* - After calling this method the composite is usually non-functional any more. The actual result depends on how much the context is required by the objects in the composite. The method should not be used except for experimental purposes.
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