ALP ALPFrame helper libraries
Many of the features supplied by ALPFrame require some constants  Readable names are defined in helper files that can be found in the samples directories. Also two different utility libraries are supplied for menu creation.

Here in the bottom of this page you can find their sources. If you want to pick the files form a directory see the "ALPFrame helper includes" shortcut in the ALP program group in the Start menu. It points to \Program files\newObjects\ALP\samples\af-samples\helpers directory which contains the files mentioned here.

Why Javascript? Most of the DHTML developers prefer Javascript for the DHTML scripting. Also DHTML object model is Javascript oriented and it is easier to program it in that language. VBScript examples are provided only for information and demonstration of usage of the usage of the raw ALPFrame menu API. If you are interested in VBScript DHTML programming for ALPFrame - please tell us.


ALPFrame constants are used to set the values of the part of the extended DHTML properties. For example there are window style constants, system color constants, z-order constants and so on. Use these constants to set the corresponding properties or compare their values.

There are some constants related to the menu architecture. They are used with the VarioMenuItem.Type property, In the examples build on native Javascript structures these constants are used to set the type of the defined items.

Menu creation helpers

Instead of creating the menus you want to use directly through the ALPFrame API you may choose to use much more simple way. There are two different solutions:

Menucompiler.  Applicable for all the developers. Implemented as ASP page that generates Javascript it allows you to use menu definition in a text file. Menu definition syntax is very simple and intuitive. In the ALPFrame examples you will find complete documentation of the compiler and a tour. There is a step by step lesson that allows you to not just learn how to use it but also to make some changes to the sample on the fly. To use it take a look at the at the sample and pick up the compiler asp file. Put it somewhere in your application and use it whenever you need to generate a menu.

Menu management helper routines using Javascript object definitions as menu resources. This file will be useful for the developers with deep Javascript knowledge. It gives more freedom but it requires a lot of Javscript experience. It implements some of the common menu operations in a helper routines. Also file contains the ALPFrame constant definitions in order to decrease the count of the required includes. See the following samples: "Basic sample" and "Context menus and elements".

Sources of the include files

ALPFrame constants definitions - javascript file. Contains only constants definitions.
Related properties: wndStyle, wndStyleEx, setWndStyleFlags, resetWndStyleFlags, setWndStyleExFlags, resetWndStyleExFlags, zOrder, windowPresence, sysColor

ALPFrame constants definitions and helper functions for menu manipulation using Javascript object definitions as menu definition resources.

ALPFrame menu compiler. ASP page that compiles textual menu definitions to Javascript. (Easiest way to create menus). See ALPFrame examples - menu compiler for detailed description of the compiler.

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