Script Service Configuration

The configuration file must be in the same directory where the scpsvc.exe resides. Its name must be scpsvc.cfg. Here is a sample configuration file contents:


Settings description:


The name of the language in which the script is written. For example: VBScript, JScript, PerlScript (if installed) etc.


The file containing the script. If only the filename is specified the file is loaded from the same directory where the exe resides. If it is full path name the pointed file will be loaded.


Specifies the interval for the OnTime event (see the Script Service reference). The interval is specified in milliseconds. Therefore value of 1000 is equivalent to 1 second, 3600000 = 1 hour.


The log/report file. As like the ScriptFile if only the file name is specified it is created in the directory containing the exe. If you want to create it in another location specify the full path.


By default the Script Service logs the messages and errors in the application event log. Setting this value to 1 disables it. 

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