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SCPHOSTCLNT - ScriptManager2 C++ helper class
Method Add Adds named items to the namespaces collection
Method AddCode Add script text
Method AddEventHandler Adds event handling script text
Method Clear Clears the namespaces collection
Method Close Uninitializes the component
Method Connect Connects to the items
Method Count Count ot items in the collection
Method GetLastError Retrieves the last script error description
Method GetScriptDispatch Obtains IDispatch to the running script
Method GetSelfDispatch Obtains IDispatch to the packed ScriptManager2
Method IsLocked Chcecks is the component locked
Method Item Gets IDispatch of an item
Method LoadEngine Loads and initializes script engine
Method Remove Removes item from the collection
Method Run Runs the script
Method Stop Stops the script
Method Success Checks is the packed ScriptManager2 sucessfuly created

The following class is included in this package in order to help to developers.DISPCALLER is a kind of smartpointer especially designed for IDispatch interfaces. It is in a sample form (but enough for basic usage).If you want to use it as a strating point to build your own dispatch method call helper please implement it in a separate files (to avoid replacement when downloading a new copy of this package).

DISPCALLER - ScriptManager2 C++ helper class
Constructors Object construction
Interface assignment Assign interface pointer to an object
Parameter list Create parameter list for method call
Dispatch method call Call dispatch method with the current parameter list
Other Other methods


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