newObjects Development Library (NDL)

NDL September 2006

From March 2003 we are distributing the documentation for our products as integrated library. Our products are highly integrated - many components and code libraries are re-used in many of our products or they are distributed as part of them. This makes it much more convenient for the developers to obtain integrated documentation package with all the information instead of partial help files for certain products only.

This new practice allows us to provide cross-links where needed. Most of our products use each other, some libraries can be used with many of them or even outside the product being downloaded. We hope this new practice will be helpful and convenient for you!

How to use NDL?

Select the product of your interest from the contents tree and look for the information you need. The product's documentation may include some links to other related products, components that can be used with it etc.

The most important product links are listed at the right pane of this page.

Which products are/will be included.

The NDL includes and will include all the products build for other developers - development environments, engines, components, code libraries, advanced samples, reference implementations etc. No end-user documentation for non-developer users will be included except a documentation which can be of direct or indirect use for the developers too.

The different parts of the NDL may require different levels of experience. However a common knowledge which can be of common use for all the developers are scripting skills (VBScript and optionally JScript). Even in the applications not related to the scripting techniques some supporting tasks can be done much more easily by using scripts (for example preparing data, etc.). In most cases the scripting samples will favor VBScript as language known for more developers.

Coming soon!

BTongue - Semi-virtual engine and a language processor. Use it in Active Script fashion or to build ActiveX. BTongue will be language which can be described as 99% VBScript + new features. It is executed in compiled form for its semi-virtual machine or compiled and executed in-place. The low level assembly language of the semi-virtual machine is public as well - enabling other developers to construct over the same engine other languages binary compatible with BTongue modules.

The most important features:

  • Compiled and very hard to de-compile - your source code is yours.
  • Thread safe - can be used in any kind of COM apartment without troubles.
  • Fully re-entrant - any call from any thread is safely processed. Can be called back from an object called from the BTongue module.
  • COM based and friendly - Each BTongue module is in fact a COM object. Can be used as object or script, can call other objects and can be called as such.
  • Independent of the type information - The core functionality does not need type info thus allowing usage without installation, class definition in run-time and many other ticks not possible or difficult to achieve with the typical COM development tools. 

The first public beta of the semi-virtual engine and the low level assembly language will be there in April 2006. The BTongue processor will follow soon after that.

Latest additions and new versions:

(September 2006) New version of the newObjects ActiveX Pack1 Family. SQLite3 COM is now packed with it and the initial version of HashCryptStreams (low and high level cryptogrpahy) library is added.

(June 2006) SQLite3 COM - SQLite3 database engine and interface to it - embedded, zero-configuration database engine. This is an elder variant of SQLite COM (which works with SQLite2 databases) with extended features and improved performance. Special attention deserve: Session parameters (in views or queries), Execute with parameters, more db functions. 

(June 2006) HTML Parser Light - Strip an object tree from HTML content, change it and regenerate it. Work with HTML as document tree without browser's help. For example HTML parsing on a server, non-WEB applications, HTML templates etc. The parser can also parse most of the XML files with some limitations.

Active Label ActiveX. A full design and printing application for labeling with support for barcodes and images - in a single ActiveX. The WEB applications can now use this control to overcome the browser printing limitations. The ActiveX is organized from programmers point of view much like Microsoft Internet Explorer, supports both resources from the network and local. The integrated upload and data capabilities allow the developers construct everything they need for labeling functionality in their WEB applications without any need of any other controls or products. 

Active Local Pages 1.2. The version of ALP 1.2 goes further and provides complete run-time environment for desktop applications written in ASP or CGI. Here is the short list of the new features. Important topics in the ALP documentation: ASP reference, ALP URL, ALP configuration, ALP shell extensions

newObjects IE ScriptBar 1.1. A toolkit for developing Internet Explorer tool bands. Hides the difficulties but allows almost anything to be built.

Quick jump to the documentation of the most popular products:

newObjects ActiveX Pack1 family. Run-time COM library for scripting, C++, VB and other applications. Includes wide range of components compatible with all the PC Windows versions beginning from Windows 95.
See the library core DLL objects. Important parts: Storages and Files, Script hosting: Script manager 2, Script aggregate,Universal collections, Configuration/structured data files and registry, Composite Objects, Advanced COM techniques, Synchronization objects, StringUtilities, COMScriptThread,
NetStreams - the networking part of the AXPack1 library - TCP/IP and IRDA,
SQLite COM - Embedded, zero-configuration database engine.

AXGate - Solution for Windows Mobile 2003 and later (Pocket PC 2003) and Pocket Internet Explorer. Allows you use unsafe COM objects for scripting in HTML pages without compromising the device security.

ASP Compiler. Compile ASP pages to DLL, automate programming tasks, implement HTML/site generation tools and more.

Script Service. Run scripts as service.

ALPInstall. Small but powerful installation utility. Developed for ALP applications it can be used also for other applications as well.

NetProbe. Protocol independent network communications.

ALPFrame browser - part of ALP. Implements extended WEB browser over the IE rendering engine.