ALP Active Local Pages 1.2
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SDK version 1.2 (April 2005)

Welcome to ALP Software Development Kit documentation. This is the start page from which you find faster the most significant areas for your work. On the right side of the page are listed the most important topics for the developers - object references, overviews and links to other areas frequently needed in the process of application development.  

New to ALP?

Active Local Pages is an execution engine, browser and tools for stand alone applications development which employs well-known WEB programming techniques. I.e. with ALP you can build applications that will run on the desktop just like any other desktop application (for example written in C, VB, Delphi) but you use WEB programming techniques and skills to do so. Still ALP needs no network functionality, nor WEB server components to run the applications (no matter that it resembles the functionality usually associated with a WEB server). The applications built with ALP will not be restricted by firewalls, security restrictions (like in XP SP2) and can be considered equivalent to any other application built for the desktop in other language/tool, just the way the applications are written is another and more convenient than usual for many purposes. ALP is more compatible with the different Microsoft Windows versions than many other development tools and provides huge set of components that allow the developer create portable and self-sufficient products. Read more ... 

What's new A short description of the latest additions and history of the previous versions.

Content Generator components in ALP. Native modules supplied with ALP such as the ASP module (ScriptGen), the CGI module GateCGI and so on.

Compatibility, Requirements and limitations. What ALP needs in order to run, how to determine compatibility, what limitations exist in certain scenarios. 

ALP administration. General directions on how to manage the ALP applications, the ALP core and other files and pointers to the topics where you can find details about each of them.

Development tricks. Information on specific ALP features that can be useful for the developers.

Licensing notes. The ALP licensing scheme and how to use the licenses.



Additional Informational Topics

Component Content Generation Architecture (CCGA) Short information about the ALP internal architecture.


Programmers' references

ALP application structure and configuration
  ALP URL syntax
  ALP Configuration
  Virtual ALP sites, ALP Applications
  ALP Windows Shell extensions
  ALP protection features
ASP Programming with ALP
  ASP Pages concepts and syntax
  ASP Object model
  ALP run-time library for ASP 
Core components,
Database engine,
  ASP engine configuration
  ASP module overview
  Additional components for ASP
    NetProbe, NOSC (for backward compatibility only)
Using ALPFrame browser (viewer)
Extended DHTML object model
Dynamic menus with ALPFrame
ALPFrame configuration and command line
Deploying autorun (self-sufficient) applications with ALPFrame
CGI programming with ALP
ALP CGI module overview
CGI module configuration
Running PHP applications with ALP
ALP Applications deployment and redistribution
General considerations
Creating setups with ALP Install, setup  configuration, localization/customization - supported text entries
Deploying autorun (self-sufficient) applications with ALPFrame
Application compatibility and target system checking/update.
Plain scripts with ALP


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